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Various Astrological Yogas For Success And Wealth

There are a number of yogas that increases the strength of a particular chart. These are the famous Gaja-Kesri Yoga, Maha Bhagya Yoga, the panch maha purush yogas conferred by the five planets the Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. The Gaja-Kesri yoga comes into picture when Jupiter / Guru is placed at an angle from the moon or opposite to each other or placed together in kendras. It forms the Gaja Kesri Raj yoga means the combination of elephant and  lion. The native will be long lived, lucky, wealthy, famous, prosperous and head of the  village. The native is filled with positive energy and will remain happy most of the times.


The Maha Bhaghya Yoga comes into picture, if the birth takes place during the day time and the ascendant, the sun and the moon are placed in Fixed / Odd Signs. It constitutes Maha Bhaghya Yoga. The native is wealthy, prosperous and occupies a good position in life.


Shri Kantha Yoga confers the native with riches, occupies a very good position and a devotee of lord shiva. If the lord of the ascendant, the sun and the moon are in angle or a trine in their respective signs of exaltation or Own / Friendly Signs, the yoga is called Shri Kantha.


The very powerful panch Maha Purusha Raj Yogas conferred by the five planets viz the Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. Whenever anyone of these five planets occpies a sign of exaltation, in a kendra, it confers panch maha purush yoga. Planet Mars confers Ruchaka Yoga. Planet mercury confers Bhadra Yoga. Planet Jupiter confers Hansa Yoga. Planet Venus confers Malavya Yoga and planet saturn confers shasha yoga. Mahapurusha means great man. These yogas ensure wealth, health, prosperity and an excellent position in life.
Planets in debilitated / neecha signs also confers raj- yogas. If a   planet is in debilitation and if the lord of the sign in which the debilitated / neecha planet would be exalted is in an angle from the ascendant or the moon the evil effects of debilitated is cancelled and the native prospers. These are called Neecha-Bhanga raj yogas.


Planets having directional strength are  very powerful and confers raj yogas. For example, Sun In 10th house gets the directional strength n raises the status of the native like a king.And if there is a benefic planet, other than the Moon ,in the second house from the Sun, it constitutes the Veshi yoga.If there is a benefic planet, other than the Moon, in twelfth house from Sun, the yoga is called Veshi.Both these yogas are good for status n wealth.


Reterograde planets though be debilitated, If occupying a   good house is reterograde and not combust it raises high the native  status. Then there are KT-Kendra trikona raj yogas. When the lord of 5th and 9th house occupies a kendra in a chart it is called the KT Raj yoga. The person will be rich and will occupy a good position in life.


Like wise,there are many Bad / Dur Yogas also.If the ascendant lord or the 5th lord. The 9th lord or the 10th lord are badly placed in the 6th,8th or in 12th,it stands for a  Bad / Dur Yoga. The native will not get any result of his hardwork. He will remain poor. Presence of rahu and ketu with the sun and the moon is not considered good. If there is no planet is placed on both the sides of moon, it confers to kemadruma yoga and its considered to be a Bad / Dur Yoga. The native having kemadruma yoga will remain poor and pathetic. Similarly the combust planets, placed with the sun loses alll the strength they have and can not do any good to the native. There are numerous yogas stands to add strength and stands to minus strength in a chart.