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reterograde Planets And Previous Birth's Karma

REGRESSION Stands For "To Visit Past".In Ancient Indian Texts,literatures,the vedas,upnishads mentioned past life regressions. The story of shri Mahabharatha suggests the concept of reincarnation or about the past lives karma. Shikhandni, instrumental in the killing of Bhishama, was AMBA in her previous birth and was blessed by lord Shiva to take revenge from Bhishma.The yoga sutras of Patanjali discussed the concept of reincarnation,regression into past lives, in greater details written before Christ..The Hindu Scholar Patanjali discussed the idea of the Soul becoming burdened with an accumulation of impressions as part of the karma from various previous lives.Lord Patanjali called the process of visiting past lives regression "Prati Prasav"(Reverse Birthing) and saw it as addressing current problems through memories of past lives.Its Very High state of yogic techniques with very high state of mind that comes after years of practicing yoga and meditations. lord Patanjali used this method of "Prati-Prasav" reverse birthing process to remove the burdens of our past karmas from our souls and make our souls light and healed our pasts.


China too has got a very old religious mythology that believes in rebirth and reincarnation.They too believe in the karmas or deeds of previous lives. The religious deity MENG PO also known as "the lady of forgetfullness" prevents the souls from remembering their past lives,just to move on, forward higher levels of conciousness,she collects various herbs and makes tea,which s sweet n bitter in taste and give it to the souls to erase all the traces of past life memories,before they climb to the next level of conciousness or to next reincarnation.


Vedic Astrology do recognise the concept of Reterograde Planets...Reterograde Planets are known as Vakri in hindi and in sanskrit languages. A reterograde planet generates tremendous energy. While studying an important topic in astrology i came across a strange finding that connected with the violent deaths or assassinations of popular political leaders of our times. Consider the assassination of the 16th President of United States Of America on April 14th,1865@10.15pm in Washington DC,President Abraham Linclon Was Shot dead and planet Saturn was reterograde. Now consider the assassination of 25th president of united states Mr.William McKinley.He was shot dead on friday,Sept.6,1901@4.07pm in New York. Planet Saturn was reterograde in sign sagitarius. Now consider the death of the most popular 35th President of united states Mr.John F Kennedy known as JFK.He was assassinated on Nov.22,1963@12.30pm in Dallas.Planet Jupiter was reterograde in sign Pisces.


Apart from the violent deaths of american presidents,consider the assassination of Martin Luther King,Jr on April 4th,1968@6.01pm in Memphis.He too was shot dead and planet Jupiter was reterograde In sign Leo.Similarly if we consider the assassinations of late prime minister of Pakistan Ms,Benazir Bhutto on 27th December,2007@17.05pm,Rawalpindi, that time planet Mars and planet Saturn were reterograde.Now consider the mysterious death of the 6th and the longest serving president of pakistan General. Zia-ul-Haq in an air crash on 17th August,1988@04.45pm near Bawalpur,Planet Saturn was reterograde at the time of General s mysterious death.Now consider the tragic death of most popular prime minister of pakistan and Benazir Bhutto's father Mr.Zulfikar Bhutto on 4th April,1979 at Rawalpindi. He was hanged till death by the Army, two planets Mercury and Saturn were reterograde. The sub continent has experienced many tragic deaths, assassinations of the popular leaders and sectarian deaths etc., India too suffered on the account of tragic deaths and assassinations of popular leaders and strangely we saw reterogration of certain planets at the time of assassination or at the time of tragic deaths. These reterograde planets surely carry forward the deeds/karmas earned in previous lives.


Dr.Brian Weiss, a noted psychiatrist who lives and practises in Miami, Florida, has not only regressed his patients into the past,but also progressed them into the future. He discovered that our futures are variable-the choice we make now will determine the quality of our life when we return. Dr.Brian Weiss reveals how our future lives can transform us in the present. We have all lived past lives. All of us will live future ones. What we do in this life will influence our lives to come as we evolve towards immortality. These reterograde planets are full of excessive energies and are capable of affecting and changing our lives to a greater extent.