Nija Guna  ( )

progeny child fertility and health

The 5th house from the Ascendant or from the Moon and the placement of the planet Jupiter and the ascendant lord determines the progeny and children in native s life and its one of most important aspect of Marriage and life. People do raise families for various possible reasons. A child fills the gap between his/her parents and family. A very well placed Jupiter, the Ascendant lord and the 5th lord confers a healthy baby. The 5th house is an important trine and a very well placed 5th lord aspected by the planet Jupiter or aspected by the ascendant lord bless the native with healthy child. Presence of Mars in the 2nd or in the 10th indicates abortions. Presence of Mercury in the 10th is not desireable as sometimes it stands for the termination of foetus due to poison, if the 5th house is aspected by the malefics.


If the 5th house in aspected by Moon and Venus, the native will be blessed with female child. Also if the 5th house is ruled by the signs tauras, virgo, saggi n capricon and is aspected by planet Moon and Venus, female progeny is indicated. And if the 5th house is ruled by the signs, leo, cancer, aries, aquarius and aspected by Jupiter and Mars, male progeny is indicated. Saturn in Aquarius in the 5th house gives five sons. Saturn in tauras, leo or gemini gives atleast one son to the native. The lord of 5th house if placed in an odd sign,it gives more sons to the native. If the 5th lord is badly placed and not aspected by benefics and the 5th house is occupied by the malefics and reterograde  planets,it obstruct the progeny. In some cases if the kaal sarp dosha is present in the chart and the rahu or the ketu occupies the 5th house, it obstruct the progeny. A debliated Jupiter placed in the 5th house, aspected by the malefics, can obstruct the progeny. A debliated Mercury in the 5th house, aspected by malefics and badly placed lord of ascendant can also obstruct the progeny.


The position of the lord of 5th house and the planet occupies the 5th house placed in a particular nakshatra / lunar mansion indicates the behaviour of the new born. If the lord of 5th house is placed in the 6th,8th or in the 12th n is not aspected by benefics and the 5th house is occupied by the malefics or aspected by the malefics, it obstract the progeny or birth of a child. Presence of Rahu-Moon. Ketu-Moon, Sun-Saturn or Mars-Saturn in combination into the same nakshatra is not desirable. If the 5th house stands for the child and progeny, the 6th house stands for the health related matters. The 6th house from the ascendant or from the Moon is considered to be a malefic and gives an indication towards the ill health of the native. The 6th lord should not be stronger than the ascendant lord otherwise the native feels depressed and will never come out of the ill health scenario. A strong and well placed Jupiter and the ascendant lord ensures a speedy recovery from ill health and accidents.