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Marriage And Relationships

Marriage is a sacred institution where two individual come together and stay for a life time. As we progress with time and life, we saw many broken hearts, many broken marriages in the society. Many marriages are failed in between, turning fast into divorces, disputes, dislikes and disrespects. The young couples are going to the courts for divorces, even after bearing the kids. Why its happening like that?  Are planetary positions, in a birth chart, do affect the marital happiness? Are marriages affected by the unwanted combinations of certain planets, placed at the time of birth, of the native? Is it our past karmas, that are affecting our marriages? In our society, Marriage is considered as second life to the partners. Man is a social animal and all it need to interact socially and marriage plays a vital role where two individual come together and progress with time and space. What makes them to stay together or to divorce each other? In our Indian, society, Divorce is considered to be a taboo. Many lives are pained and ruined because of this divorce thing. Is there any solution to this?


Hindu predictive astrology gives a clear insight to a happy and successful married life. Its very interesting to know about an individual s life partner and success in marital accord. Hindu predictive astrology indicates certain time tested principles to select or to reject a possible match between two individuals. It gives a clear indication that whether the marriage is going to be successful or not?


Consider the red planet, Mars / Mangal, if placed in the 12th,1st,4th,7th and 8th, house from ascendant or from Moon, it confers the Manglika or Kuja dosha. Some old texts considers the 2nd house from lagan or from Moon too causes this Manglika or Kuja dosha. A Manglika boy must marry a Manglika girl. Next is the presence of planet Saturn in an individual s chart. If Saturn is placed in 1st, 4th,5th,7th,9th or 10th from the ascendant or from the Moon,it not only delays the marriage of the native but also deny the marriage in few cases. A reterograde  Saturn, being the lord of 7th is capable of an unconventional marriage. Saturn aspecting the house of marriage and if the lord of 7th is weak or badly placed or aflicted, the native may go for an intercast or unconventional marriage. The yogkarka planet for the girls is Jupiter and Venus is for the boys. Jupiter, placed in the 7th house of a girl s chart is not at all welcome as it causes divorce or unsuccessful marriage to the girl. Similarly planet Venus if placed in the 7th house of a boy, it leads to a unhappy marriage. There are 2/12 and 8/6 dur yogas for marriage. If the lord of lagan is at 2/12 or at 8/6 (ashtak-shastak) from the lord of 7th/marriage, it confers to unsuccessful marriages.


There is a set of rules as per Hindu / Vedic predictive astrology. As per these rules we match the horoscopes of the boy and the girl. We consider 12 important factors to match the different charts. Certain value is assigned to each factor. Total points are given 36 and a minimum of 18 points are required to match both the charts. In this system, longivity of the boy and the girl is checked. The temprament, attitude, compatibility, progeny, health, success, wealth etc, are checked before marriage. And if both the charts qualify and match, marriage is allowed. Certain birth nakshatras are to be avoided before matching the charts. Apart from the above there are many other factors that comes into picture and plays a vital role in selecting a possible match.