Nija Guna  ( )

gems and precious stones

Gems and stones have becomes an important part and parcel of astrological consultancy since long. These precious stones are obtained from the mines and from the seas. Imitations are available and known as lab treated or american diamonds available cheaply and easily. Some astrologers prescribed gems and stones on the basis of Rasi / Zodiac Sign, which appears to be a fairly wrong way of prescribing the precious stones to an individual. Lagan / Ascendant based system is always the best and successful system of prescribing the gems to an individual. Gems related to the 1st,5th,9th and 10th lords in combination may bring luck, carrier enhancements, protection, happiness and success in worldly affairs to an individual.


Yogakarka planet(Most Beneficial Planet),which bestow blessings to the native, their power can be enhanced several times by prescribing the related gem to the native. Some astrologers prescribed gems and stones in combination to the native for quick results, However a careful study is a must before prescribing the native, gems and stones, in combination.


Ruby represents the planet sun, Pearl / Moti Represents the moon, red coral stands for planet mars, emerald stands for the planet mercury, yellow sapphire stands for the planet jupiter, diamonds stand for planet venus, blue sapphire for saturn, hessonite / gomed for rahu /dragons head and cats eye / vadurya stands for ketu / dragon s tail. These are the nine precious gems and stones are called nav-ratans. A number of semi precious stones are also available.


As per some old texts, these gems are capable of attracting the cosmic vibrations and acts as receivers. Auspicious timings are required to wear a particular gem on a particular day. Certain pujas are recommanded before wearing a particular gem stone. A crystal clear, flawless, rich in color gem attracts a very heavy price.


Apart from gems and stones, astrologers do recommand other articles like rudrakshas and many other tantrik items and various yantras depend on the horoscope of an individual.