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Family Dynamics And Relations

We have seen many families suffering on the account of internal problems. There are disputes, court cases, fights among cousins and relations .Brothers and sisters born to the same mother, behave like enemies. There is too much internal grief and sadness within the four walls of the house. Why is it happening? why people do behave differently with family members once they grow old?


Hindu predictive astrology has extensively covered the subject on family dynamics and relationships. Planet Jupiter, if well placed in the ascendant or in the 4th house provides the native with peace, fairly large family, happiness. Jupiter is the lord of wisdom and it defines the limitation in a relationship. If Jupiter is strong, Family  bondings and respect for each other and family rituals will strong.


The Native will always care for the other family members and relations. A well placed Jupiter, if not aspected by malefics and if the lagan lord is well placed, gives a peaceful and happy atmosphere at home. On the same lines a malefic or a debliated planet aspected by malefics can create misunderstandings among the family member. A well placed and waxing Moon in the 4th house, aspected by Jupiter or Venus, makes the native peaceful, judgemental and peace loving. On the other hand, Mars, Saturn, Mercury, Rahu and Ketu creates a situation of suspecion and disharmony among the family members.


A well placed Sun, Jupiter, Mars and Rahu in the 3rd house indicates the family members are well placed professionally and the native has got good relations with them provided the lord of ascendant is strongly placed. The presence of Jupiter and Rahu together in the same house is not desirable at all as it tarnishes the image of the native without doing anything bad. Presence of Sun-Rahu, Moon-Mercury, Mars-Saturn and Mercury-Ketu can damage the relations and family ties beyond repair. Reterograde planets in the 3rd and or in the 4th may keep the family ties at low n if badly afiliated and aspected by a strong Rahu or Saturn,The native will end up in disputes and court cases. There are a number of factors that determines the Family Dynamics and Relations.