Nija Guna  ( )

existance of ghosts

Hindu Predictive Astrology gives an indication towards negative energies. Almost all the age old texts do believe in ghosts and spirits. Ghosts and Spirits belongs to the other world. Like incarnations and rebirths, ghosts too is a part of our discussions. Our mythology do believe in the very existance of Ghosts. Astrologically, the combination of Mars and Saturn produces negative and disasterous energies. These energies are capable of producing negative events which are harsh, unacceptable and changes the way of normal life. Certain combinations in a native s chart do explain the strange behaviour of an individual. when Rahu aspects Moon, Moon lost its energy and the phenomenon is known as lunar eclipse. Similarly Rahu eclipses the Sun for some time and it is known as solar eclipse. If the native is born with a chart where the solar or the lunar eclipse is there, we expect some unusual behavior pattern and the native is affected by the presense of negative energies around him and will not be able to take strong genuine decisions. He may not have a clean and clear vision of the future course of action. Similarly Sun and Saturn if placed in same sign and in same nakshatra, less than at 6 degrees, it too produces negative harmful energies.


The fourth house from ascendant and from the Moon is known as Sukh-sthana means the house of comforts, Own house, Mother s house etc., and if the lord of 4th house is badly placed or combust or occupied by malefics or aspected by negative energies of certain planets in combinations or occupied by reterograde planets or if the lord of 4th is  reterograde and the ascendant lord is weak....then what kind of Comforts we will get, is not difficult to judge. The 4th house stands for our relations in the family and its our life within the four walls of our house and if the governing planet of  the 4th house is weak or aflicted. We cant be in comforts and The Vastu position of our residence will not be good. The Astrology do tells us the position of our house and the conditions prevailing within the four walls. The 4th house indicates a good vastu concept or a bad vastu concept. Depends on the placement of certain planets in the 4th house, we can make an idea of the surroundings and the neighbourhood. Astrology and Vastu In combination can produce more comfortable results.

Hindu predictive astrology gives a clear insight about the existance of ghosts, reincarnations and haunted places.