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electional timings for various events

MUHURATH is nothing but to select an auspicious time to perform a particular event successfully when the negative energies released by the movement of planets is at minimum or the negative energies are balanced equally by the planetary movement. There is a saying that "if you start good, you will reach good". Since Ages we always looked for auspicious time to start an event for the long lasting beneficial results. Since ages, in our society, we perform many a things based on auspicious times or subha muhuratha. Right from the birth of a child, the naming ceremony stands for subha muhuratha, educational timings to learn the first letter, to eat the first food, to wear the first cloth, people are concious about good electional timings for the long lasting beneficial results. If a person s born with negative aspects of the planets, the electional astrology conveys the perfect time to start an event where the negative influences of the planetary movements is at minimum. 


As we know that there are 27 nakshatras / lunar mansions adjusted in 12 zodiac signs (from Aries to Pisces).Each and every person s born with a nakshatra, is known as his/her birth nakshatra. The birth nakshatra is of immence importance and based on this particular nakshatra, the name of the baby is selected. This is the basic principle of Vedic Astrology. Out of these 27 nakshatras,a few stands for our success and a few stands for our failures. These nakshatras are divided into nine groups, each group is with three nakshatras. These nine groups are 1.Janam stands for dangers,2.Sampat stands for wealth,3.Vipat stands for losses/accidents.4.Kshema stands for Luck,richness,5.Pratyaka stands for delayments etc.,6.Sadhak / Sadhana stands for success in all matters,7.Naidhana stands for obstacles n dangers,8.Mitra stands for joys n success and 9.Ati Mitra stands for most beneficials.


The Time is precious, All the things in nature are produced in time, grow in time and destroyed in time n thats the rule of the nature and that can not be changed. Its the Time that moves and moves and makes us strong and its Time we fall down.There s a great emphasis on the electional timings of Marriage and related events and when the star Venus s not in a good position, generally marriages are forbidden. We do not attempt any new or good work on Amavasya / dark night day. we do not purchase iron products on tuesdays and saturdays. We cant move forward for some time if a cat passes our way. We always look for a proper time to lay the foundation stone to construct a house and its followed by to select an auspicious time for the house opening ceremony. some people do consider the advice of astrologers before undertaking caesarean operation for the birth of a child on particular time. We do buy gold and kitchen necessities on Akshaya tritya and new vehicles during Navratras. Muhuratha Astrology or Electional Astrology plays an important role in Human Aspirations.