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client credentials & appreciation

I am writing a letter of reference for Arun Sharma. He is very accurate in providing a detail horoscope . He explains things from many perspectives.Arun includes the Earth's energy, planet alignments, effects of the retrograde. He incorporates protection and protective colors in his readings. He is on spiritual journey trying to help humanity on their own spiritual growth. I recommend Arun for his accuracy in giving you an accurate reading.

Warm regards,

Audrey Agassi


Parnaam Arun ji,

Loads of regards !

I hope you are doing well.

Thank you for the guidance and blessings ! You are doing a wonderful job in helping people selflessly. The remedies/upayas that you suggest after reading the charts, definitely helps. It has been a while, I wanted to thank you for quick and accurate reading. The limitations expressed in my chart have always been evident from various experiences in my life. Thank you for giving an insight to that through you expert and vast knowledge. May you continue to help individuals realize their potential by motivating them and spreading positivity all around !

Loads of regards,

Deepika Sharma