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How Muhurath astrology works ?

Muhurath is nothing but to select a genuine good time to start any event to achieve the desired results. To start an event, it requires time, energy, money, human resources, plenty of efforts and proper planning. After investing almost all the efforts into an event, no body wants it to fail or flop. We have seen many failures in life. People do invest their hard earnings into business or into other events and getting flopped.New industries after taking huge loans n investing the hard earned money are getting closed.A few people are not able to complete the construction of their buildings,their projects on time and bear the burden of losses. People are getting cheated everyday on investments into various schemes.


We have seen many scientific expedition turning into disastors.So Muhurath is nothing but to select a perfect suitable time for the success of an event. Muhurath in other words to reach the right place on the right time. Muhurath is to select the right time to initiate an event,when the negative energies generated by the planets are at its low or to select a time when the negative energies are balanced equally by the positive energies.


In general,people in south india avoids the Rahu-kalam every day for any work.They believe any work or any deal committed during Rahu-kalam will not yield favourable results.Everyday Rahu-kalam stands for approx.90 minutes.In other words,Muhurath is to select an auspicious time to get the desired results.We do consider Muhurath for almost every possible thing in daily life....lets start with the naming ceremony of the new born, to feed the new born for the very first time...followed by to feed the new born with wheat or rice for the first learn and write the first wear the holy thread start constructing a buy and other things...we do consult astrologers or priests in the temple.We in general, avoid buying vehicles on tuesdays or saturdays.We do buy gold and store wheat on Akshaya-Trithya day. We avoid the phase of fifteen days of Pitru-Paksha before Navratris to conduct any new work or business or any big deal. Why so? Just to avoid the negative energies produced during these times...hence Muhurath plays an important role.


Consider the timings of a very big scientific expedition in space on 1st Feb.,2003 when the space shuttle Discovery started its journey towards earth from space around 8am. The space shuttle was disintegrated in air and all the crew members were killed in this space. Astrologically, the Sun and the Moon were placed in the same constellation / nakshatra and were almost on the same degree.It was amavasya / dark night and saturday. Planet Jupiter was Exalted but reterograde into the constellation / nakshatra of Ashlesha, not favourable. Jupiter is wisdom and was reterograde / vakri.The decision to start the journey from space to earth was wrong as the crew involved in the mission and the NASA team at the mission control centre were aware of the new problem developed in the space shuttle. Saturn and Rahu were in the same sign with Saturn too was reterograde. Mars And Saturn were placed opposite to each other,capable of generating tremendous negative energies. The timings and the decision taken to return from the space to the earth were wrong.The disaster killed Kalpana chawla and all the crew members in this space shuttle. There are many such incidences happened just due to the selection of bad timings.


Consider the failure of ISRO s rocket on 15th April,2010.It was dark night / amavasya day.The Sun and the Moon were almost on the same degree and into same nakshatra / constellation.Planet Saturn was reterograde.The lagan lord was badly placed. It shows the importance of Muhurath Astrology.