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Shri NIJA GUNA is born in a village in Raichur district of Karnataka state in March,1961. He finished his initial education in a local school and later moved to Raichur to complete his graduation and started his carrer in the family business. Later in 1992, He got a revelation and he started reading religion, old texts on astrology, ayurved and related sciences and later started practising it to help the common people and society. Later He got many revealations and he implemented all his knowledge into the welfare of common man. Today He healed many a families. A thousand people are visiting Him every year and through his revealations and knowledge, he is showing them correct path. He travelled extensively almost all the corners of India and a few places abroad and met thousands of his followers. He is the devotee of Lord Shiva and Maa Durga but in love with Sufism. He got all his revealations and blessings from a very pious sufi master of the 13th century, Hazrat Khwaja Sheikh Mian Baba Rehmatullaha Taki Wale Baba Of Raichur . Baba s holy dargah or holy tomb is in Raichur and is visited by thousands of his followers every year.


Shri Raichur Taki Baba belongs to the famous Chisti-Nizami sect of the sub continent and is a direct relative to the very famous fifth chisty Makhdum Hazrat Khwaja Shekh Naseeruddin Mehmud Chisti Of Chirag-Delhi, who is the direct disciple of very famous saint of Delhi Hazrat Khwaja Sheikh Nizamuddin Awlia. The remaining three top chistis are Hazrat Khwaja Sheikh Baba Fariduddin Ganj e Shakar who is the disciple of Hazrat Khwaja Sheikh Qutabddin Bhaktiar Kaki, Qutab of Delhi and finally the first and the most famous Hazrat Khwaja Sheikh Moinuddin Hassan Chisti of Ajmer, Baba Garib Nawaz.


This website MUHURATH ASTROLOGY is done by his followers and a group of few experts in Astrology and related matters with the intention to educate people and to make them aware of Astrology as science and its principles. We wish all our visitors a very good luck and Baba's blessings.